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Below are the prices for having both hair and makeup for all your wedding Party.

Like on the Hair and Makeup pages. These prices include a trial for the Bride.

Bridesmaid prices are based on adult bridesmaid prices and full makeup application including lashes so pricing may vary if you decide to opt out of some services.

Wedding Day Packages Hair & Makeup

Wedding Specialist & Makeup Artist
Bride Only
Bride Plus 1 Bridesmaid
Bride Plus 2 Bridesmaids
Bride Plus 3 Bridesmaids
Bride Plus 4 Bridesmaids
Bride Plus Mother
Bride, Mother Plus 1 Bridesmaid
Bride, Mother & 2 Bridesmaids
Bride, Mother Plus 3 Bridesmaids
Bride, Mother Plus 4 Bridesmaids