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Wedding Makeup has become increasingly popular in recent years as an add on to your Wedding morning. Having both Hair and Makeup done professional really does give you the full package and a morning of luxury on your wedding day.

Below you will find our prices for all wedding parties. Additional party members can be added and flower girls can also be catered for at a lower prices than the bridesmaids.


Bridal makeup included in the package price includes cluster or strip lashes. This can be removed and the price reduced

Mother of the bride without lashes £25

Mother of the bride including lashes £35

Makeup without lashes £35

Bridesmaid makeup including lashes £45

Eye makeup only £15

Eye makeup with lashes £25

Flower girls ( eyes and lips) £10- £15


Wedding Makeup

Makeup Artist
Bride Only
Bride Plus 1 Bridesmaid
Bride Plus 2 Bridesmaid
Bride Plus 3 Bridesmaid
Bride Plus 4 Bridesmaid
Bride Plus Mother of Bride/Groom
Bride, Mother Plus 1 bridesmaid
Bride, Mother Plus 2 Bridesmaids
Bride, Mother Plus 3 Bridesmaids
Bride, Mother Plus 4 Bridesmaids