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Welcome to the Rapture Hair & Beauty Blog!!!!!
So here we are. Our first official blog.


I thought Id start with a little introduction, about me, the team and how we came to be where we are today.

Im Dawn, I’ve been hairdressing for 14 years and I have been running Rapture Weddings since 2010 and took the giant leap of faith in 2012 and opened the Rapture Hair & Beauty Salon in Plymouth.
It was the scariest, most exciting and stressful time of my life ( apart from becoming a mum) and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Having my own Salon wasn’t something I had ever really craved to do. I always feared that my passion for hair would be dampened under the pressure of business but I was wrong. I love my job which isn’t something that everyone can claim and I cant thank my family, friends and loyal clients for all the support they have provided. Being able to provide a work place for my team and a friendly environment for clients has definitely proven to be worth the hard work and long hours.
So now to my fabulous team.


Anna is my day dot girl. We have been working together since 2006 when Anna joined the salon I was working for as our Saturday Girl.
Anna was always hard working and our friendship both inside and outside of the salon went from strength to strength. Anna has a great eye for fashion and a real quirk to both her appearance and her work. She is down to earth, great with her clients and never shy to go with a great idea but also ( and this is something that I think makes a great hairdresser) never afraid to tell you no if she doesn’t think something will work or suit. Since the salon has opened Anna has become our wedding Makeup artist. She has been on a handful of Mac Makeup workshops but is mainly self taught. She has a great way with concurring the naturally enhanced look that most brides want.


Hannah is my super talented CND nail technician and beauty therapist. Like Anna, Hannah join the Salon from the beginning and I know all our clients and followers will agree that her nail art is incredible. She is passionate, patient and a true perfectionist. Everything you need in a great nail artist. She is also incredible with the brows which we all know is the new ‘IT’ thing to have done. Hannah was one of the first to offer Threading in Plymouth and again she has a great eye for flattering shapes to frame the face. Hannah worked in a Salon in Saltash whist sending herself on courses such as CND nails, threading, waxing etc and continues to add to her service list. She worked in Turkey for a year which was an amazing experience for her and now with us at Rapture, she is working through her Hairdressing NVQ and just like her nail work, she is a true perfectionist.


Emily is our fantastic Apprentice, soon to be qualified hairdresser and amazing colourist. Like all my team she has an eye for great work, picks up techniques easily and creates amazing results even with only a short spell in the industry. Emily is destined to be an amazing stylist and has already set to work on creating an ever growing clientele. Emily join the Salon as a Saturday girl six months before finishing School and then full time since then. She has had in Salon train by all the Team at Rapture as well as via the college. I have always wanted to give my staff the hands on training that I received as this is without a doubt what sets us aside.

Emily is also an amazing nail technician. This is something that until recently she has set aside from the salon so she can remain focused on her hairdressing but now she is almost complete she has been offering nail services within the salon to her clients and sharing the work load with Hannah. Emily has be lucky to be mentored by Hannah and her fantastic nail art so just like with her hair, she excels.


Dayna is our newest but equally valued senior stylist to join the team. She has instantly built a clientele that loves her, her work and its been a delight. Dayna is a laugh a minute type girl. She enjoys her craft and this is portrayed in her work and ways. She is amazing with colour correct, fantastic at hair extension and a Brazilian blow-dry queen. A lot of her clients have followed her across the Tamar bridge and its not a wonder as to why. Dayna has been hairdressing 12 years and has bundles of experience across the hairdressing industry.


Charlotte started with us in 2013 before putting up her sails and setting across the sea to join a Caribbean cruise ship. A truly amazing opportunity which I 100% support and on her return Charlotte rejoined the team a few days a week. Charlotte introduced me to Racoon hair extension, of which she has been doing for years now. Until I met Charlotte, I, like most presumed that extension were only really sort after by clients that wanted super long, flowing locks but extension have quickly become an essential enhancement for both length, thickness, creating new styles and colour effects. Charlotte is a a lovely stylist with a soft and friendly approach.

So there you have it. Our small but mighty team.
Please keep a look out for future blogs which I hope you will all find exciting as we take a look at the hair and beauty industry from behind the chair.
Thanks you for reading.
Dawn x

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