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Olaplex….. What’s all the fuss about?

Well over a year ago I was studying the art of Balayage and my favourite colourist Guy Tang was using this Olaplex product in every colour he did.

I couldn’t work out what all the fuss was about and how this new products that was being referred to as ‘ insurance for you hair’ was working. As always this products wasn’t available in the UK for along time after it was released in the U.S so as soon as it was available we had to get our hands on it.


So basically, when you put any chemicals on the hair such as lightener, colour, relaxers or perms the Sulfur bonds are broken down and there is no way around this. Colouring can eat away at the protein in the hair and causes damage. Olaplex works by reconnecting these disculfide Sulfur bonds without compromising the hairs integrity resulting in healthier hair.


As an additive to lightener you are able to push hair further than ever before because bonds are being repaired as they are being broken. The more bonds there are to break, the further the hair can be pushed.

So often as stylist we are asked to lighten already lightened hair and even just in the early part of this year we have seen clients wanting to go lighter and lighter as well as fashion tones which include the grey family. We hate to say NO but this product has changed most requests to a yes.

As stylists this becomes a problem due to the simple fact that for all fashion colours you need a clean (no yellow tones) blonde to apply any fashion colour. We all remembered art class at school where we are taught that blue and yellow make green. Well this very simple rule applies with colour. The undertone to blonde is yellow so when apply blues/ greys etc, if you haven’t lightened the hair enough then you are gonna end up with a very different colour to what you desire. This also applies to the pink family. its very easy to end up with a peachy orange tone if the blonde hasn’t been lifted enough.

Im sure by now it is obvious why Olaplex has become so popular with the ever growing popularity to change our hair.

Olaplex isn’t a magic wond however and professional judgment should always be used.

Olaplex is a three step system with all three steps containing the same patented active ingredient.

A great introduction to this bond strengthening professional product is a service call a stand alone treatment that is done prior to shampooing and takes around 15 mins depending on the damage you are trying to repair. this services is only £15- £20.

As colourists we also offer a services where the Olaplex No.1 is added into the colour followed by Olaplex No.2 being applied after a colour has been rinsed to dramatically reduce breakage. This is also priced at £15- £20.

To get the best result it is advised to take home Olaplex No.3 which you use around once a week between chemically services to strengthen hair further.

This product is prices at £30 and we have worked out that depending on hair length and thickness you can get at least 10 applications so thats just £3 a treatment. After spending money on a colour and cut its well worth its cost to prolong the health and look of your hair.

If you are interested in adding Olaplex to your colour services then please don’t hesitate to ask. All appointments can be made by calling 01752603293 or messaging our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/RaptureHairBeauty/

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