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Well as we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to all the new trends of 2019 I thought this would be a good oppor

tunity to recap some of the magical moments both professional and personal at Rapture.


We have seen some amazing work leave the salon. From crazy colours to the ever growing range of  blended tones such as balayage, colour melts etc.

It goes without saying that we have seen this craze take over for the last 2 years at least but when you watch old episodes of things like Sex and the City or FRIENDS you see its a trend thats been around for years.

The amazing stylists across the globe have taking these techniques to a new level and I am so fortunate to work with a team of stylists that love to keep up to date with all these movements and they maintain a passionate for hair which shines through in there work.


2018 hasn’t just been a year for hair. The eye lash industry has sky rocketed and Im so lucky to have a creative and hard working lash technician under my roof also. Chelsea has become so well known for her lashes because of their dramatic look and her long lasting results.

We have had 2 little Rapture babies join the team called baby Max and baby Ruben. Emily and Kate have worked so hard during there pregnancies and Emily is already back to the chair a few days to look after her clients. Dedicated to say the least.


2018 also saw our Apprentice Olivia qualify and become a Junior stylist in her own right. She has been sending out some truly beautiful work for such a young stylist.


The wedding team  (Dawn, Anna, Emily and Claire) have had the pleasure of working with well over a hundred ladies in 2018, on so many wedding days. We have seen the average wedding party size go from 3 to 6 ladies and a large amount of weddings having both hair and makeup. It has been our greatest pleasure being apart of so many big days.

So what can we expect to see from 2019


Well blended tones are here to stay thats for sure. Muted blondes are a beautiful way to stay light and lovely but without the harsh regrowth.


BLUNT BOBS are all in for 2019. (Ive already had this done on myself )

Whilst 2018 saw a lot of ladies going for the mid- length boyfriend bob, 2019 is set to be more statement and above the shoulders. A blunt bob suits all face shape as the length can be altered to suit. It can thicken thin hair that may have been caused by over processing and also soften thick hair when cut right. The key is in the styling so make sure you ask your stylist to take some time to show you how to rock your new do.



Did you know that Pinterest searches for ‘going grey’ increased by 879% in 2018. Face framing highlights a glossing/toning services are the way to go for this ‘here to stay’ trend.



Its been said that we are moving away from the waves and curls in 2019. Straight hair is set to be back so make sure you have a good set of straighteners to hand. We recommend Diva Sessions always.


So we are all super excited to see what 2019 has lined up for the hair and beauty industry. Staying ahead is always or goal.


Myself and the team are so thankful for all the support we get from our customers and friends. Its well known that this industry is built up of lots self employed staff so within this business is lots of mini business and they only survive with your help.


We look forward to seeing you all in 2019.


xxx Dawn xxx




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